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Taking A Rest…

…I’m going to take a rest from keeping a blog for awhile. Though I will keep the existing ones up here. There will be no further new posts. Read the rest of this entry »

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The last few weeks has been very bizarre here in the UK, we’ve had unbelievable amounts of rain, last Friday alone we had 2 months worth of rain in less than 12 hours. Read the rest of this entry »

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…May?….May? I really can’t believe that May is the last time I posted in here, I know I’m bad at keeping this update – but really…. May? Read the rest of this entry »

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What a good way to start the day – I have no water. I have no idea why, I left it to Jacky to investigate and the Water boards reaction is that they’ve had no-one else complain and so we should check our stop cock (which hasn’t been touched) or the tap outside in under the pavement (where mine is I have no idea) Read the rest of this entry »

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I look around and see that most of my friends who keep journals tend to do a much better job than me in doing so. Why am I so bad at this sort of thing. I suppose I’m just not used to talk about me. Read the rest of this entry »


On a quiet note, I’m really glad to hear back from Rob, the message I sent him asked him if there was till a role for me to play in his life. Read the rest of this entry »

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I know it’s been a while since I last posted in here, well over a month. But let me start with this from my friend’s blog (by the way any reference to Bultark is me)

Tonight for Team Asta’s XBox Live Wednesday we had our first Versus night on the quite superb Rainbow 6: Vegas.
Unfortunately the numbers weren’t quite as I’d hope for, for various planned and unplanned reasons, and we ended up with unbalanced teams. But despite that, we bounced the team numbers around the various game types we tried and I think much fun was had by all. We’re going to do this again for sure!

There are different stories for each game played, too many to try and summarise here. I especially like the end of the round when we all end up back in the same lobby together, having been separated to just intra-team chat for the duration. Calling out special moments of pain
or glory in a group like that is just awesome. Shout outs to Bultark for engineering an ingenious plan to steal the briefcase from deep inside the Calypso Casino and get it back to the rooftop HLZ, Tracer for an excellent solo defense of the Vault in a subsequent game, Dr.G. for a solo defense of our hostages in the Church whilst I wandered about aimlessly, and Jimmer for a solo t-hunt run against huge opposition in the Dam map later on in the session. And I was particularly proud of my 5 player kills without dying, for which I earned an Achievement to boot. Scoring big in one of
the Retrieval missions enabled my R6 character to level up to Specialist ranking, another noteworthy accomplishment I felt.

The evening kicked off with a bad start. Skinnydog logged on to grab the latest R6 update that had been released recently. But on starting the game he found his 360 was reporting disc read errors. Sometimes he’d get to the Press Start screen, other times it’d fail beforehand. Deleting the save game data didn’t help, and this left him bitterly disappointed and uninvolved in the evening’s escapades – if this unexpected problem hadn’t occurred we’d have had our precious balanced teams for sure.

Really, really bad timing, and very unfortunate for the oft-luckless Skinnypup. We’ll have to try the disc in another 360 to try and diagnose if it’s the disc that’s knackered or if the drive is playing up. Tracer and BunBun had problems with their 360 over Xmas which may be similar in nature. Their issue resulted in it going back to MS for a replacement DVD drive – a complete replacement unit arrived back a week or two later.

ChuckStudbuckle and Acid Crinkle were unavailable for the session, which left us with a crew including Bultark, Dr.G., Jimmer, Tracer and myself. The Versus gameplay is definitely tense and highly interesting with clear objectives to go after. I think I’m more interested in these game modes than outright deathmatch gameplay, but I’m willing to try anything. Three players per team seems like a sensible minimum as it seemed to open up more options when I was on such a team. While a two-man team, huddling up in a defensive nook whilst grenades go bouncing down stairs and the clock ticks slowly down to a winning 00:00, is very absorbing, it does feel right on the edge of effectiveness.

Gadgets are numerous in the Versus game too. Thanks to Bultark I now know what Tear Gas does to you. I was wondering why my screen had gone all smeary for a short while at one point. We cracked open some gas masks and GPS devices – to detect neaby foes – to play with in the
subsequent round. The evening finished off with a bit of co-op t-hunt action after Tracer had to leave us. Until tonight that’s pretty much the only game type I’ve played in R6. I have to say that having had a taste of Versus play with a group of friends that mostly all know each other, that just takes it to another level. Yes, the more players, the more options, the more intense it gets.

Team Asta Rainbow 6 Veterans, We Need You!

My response to last night was that it was very good, I liked my killing of 5 guys with one grenade
as well. I agree with Tufty in that normally I prefer co-op sessions rather than a full death match. Last night was a nice compromise. You had the co-op element because you had to work as a team to get the case / hostages. But then you had the death match element for the killing of you friends that you digged in waiting to get you.

Rainbow 6 has been nothing but constant fun with me so far. Though I was really hoping that we finished one co-op mission as I’m right on the edge for a promotion. Maybe next time.

Now that the heart pumping sensation of last night has past lets look back over the last month or so….

The last main post by me I think refers back to Jon and myself ending up with a break. This break only lasted less than 24 hours as we both sat down and talked things through. Since then our relationship has continued to grow and strength. Maybe because a lot of air that I hadn’t notice was there had been cleared.

Going into March and work wise everything has been very slow. I had been sent on a course back in February for Crystal Reports with the purpose of me to design a course of my own on the same subject to be run as soon as possible. In fact that time is upon me and next week I will be holding my first client held course.

AD&D (Or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) has kicked off to great success. The group is made up of newbies and some battle scared members. We start with Illya playing a female fighter. No great surprise there with him over this choice of class and the other long time player that we had join us was Douglas playing both a female fighter mage and a male (dwarfen) fighter cleric. The newbies that we have in the group are Cate (Illya’s wife) playing an half-elven druid, Jon playing a halfling thief and Stuart playing a dwarfen fighter. So basically a real mix of characters. But already I am posed with a hard task, to keep the game flowing I feel as though I need to remove my elven mage and possibly Doug’s fighter cleric. Though I know what Doug is like and he is likely to not take it very well. But these are the testing times of being a Dungeon Master and we can’t all be nice

Tracy, Jon and myself are set to start doing taekwondo at some point, but every time we’re to start Tracy has someone on that she must do. Hmmm so instead Jon and I have started to do some fitness bits ourself. Always best to start small and then work up and so I’ve started doing press ups before going to bed. I haven’t been completely regimented with it and so not done them every night. But I have done them more nights than not.

Illya and Sarah has seemed to fallen out over Sarah’s blog and her mentioning Illya in it. He only objected to it because her blog is open to the whole world. Where as mine as you all well know is stored behind a password.

During the beginning of March though, getting back on subject, things were a bit strained. I hurt my back whilst doing the first visit into my garden – looking much tidier now (even though it’s now under a layer of snow, don’t get me started on our weather. First we have a nice couple of weeks where the temperature is 15 degrees (60 degrees) and then suddenly we have freezing cold winds and snow and the temperature is down to 1 degree (32 degrees) what is going on here?

So there I am one week with my back all hurting, things calm down for the following weekend but then as we enter the following week, the Chercott.com domain disappears from the face of the earth. This unfortunately problem was due to my hosting company’s main systems failing on them. But the bad timing also caused their backup systems to fail as well. 72 hours later everything was back up, but only the account was back. I had to manually reupload my website and recreate everyone’s email accounts. Being without email for 72 hours is a big killer for me lol

But also during this week, I was struck down with some awful virus that had me being violently ill during the night and then had to spend the next two days recovering from it. I have never been this bad before. I had put it down to food poisoning but then Jon went down with it and apparently several other people have had it to.

This coming coming weekend Jon, Phil and I are going into London to watch 300 at a cinema with a big screen because it’s a film that must be watched on the big screen.

Also final news is that I emailed Rob to just see how things are between us because I haven’t heard from him directly for months. He responded saying that he has been thinking about me and was about to send me an email………….. still waiting for it <chuckles>

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What a week this has been… unfortunately it doesn’t end on a high note. Though it is only Friday and so there is still another 25 hours to go… Read the rest of this entry »

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The last month seems to have held a lot for me, and not all of it good. We go from Wizards, to pot holes, from sickness to chip and pin. What on Earth am I talking about? Read the rest of this entry »

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