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Around Up Of 2002

Well 2002 is very quickly drawing to a close and as I have done for each year so far, lets look back and review what 2002 held. Below are just some memorable months for me Read the rest of this entry »


Well here I am down in Devon at my mother’s getting myself into the Xmas spirit. Well actually taking a well earned rest from the rat race down here. The weather is very mixed and I’m just enjoying doing nothing down here. This morning as soon as I was up we were to go out walking, but it started to pour down like I’ve never seen it before. And so to pass the time we all spent time taking the fridge / freezers doors off so that we could put them back on again on the other side (So instead of opening the left side, you would open it from the right instead. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pick Me!!

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck. OK I’m not normally one to swear but reality has just slapped me across the face with it’s wicked blow once again. I have let myself run off in a dream world, only to be rudely awakened but the cold harsh realities of this world. What am I talking about? Well I have just returned from dropping of James, Chris and April at their homes after they all got drunk at some party. On the way back here for them to pick up their coats and such like, I could see Chris leaning in to James and them holding hands. Suddenly I felt my world turn cold and anger ripped through me. Not anger at them because they haven’t done anything wrong. But anger at myself because 1) I never said anything to Chris and 2) What a fool I am for believing that Chris would ever fancy me in the first place. Read the rest of this entry »


Do I Stand A Chance?

…More and more I’m becoming intrigued with young mister Witchell. Who of course is Chris, April’s friend. It would seem yesterday that he was a little bit cheeky, one the of when April and himself went to a toy store he noticed a toll Fireman in store. He then mentioned to April that maybe I should get that for Xmas (whether or not he was hinting at getting me it himself is unclear). This is all because he had noticed the pin board in my room. On which are three pictures of some cute Firemen. Also at some point in the conversation (don’t know how April managed to bring this one up <Grin>) he has even admitted to preferring to going out with the older gentleman. So this has certainly confirmed that I could hold some interest with him. How much just remains to be seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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Men… Bloody Men….

…And so this week continues, my cold is going, all I have left now is this annoying cough. Though this morning I was a little concerned as when I coughed up some flem into the sink moments before walking out of the house. I noticed it was mostly red. Am I now coughing up blood? I doubt it is anything that serious. Read the rest of this entry »