Another Day, Another Post

Here we are again, typing another entry in as many days. I am shocked, shocked I tell you. The main reason for this is because I’m down here in Brighton with BUPA. Been here today days now doing a refresher GoldMine course, then spending time hanging around in the afternoon in case any issues come up from them using the system. They seem like a great group and my personal opinion is that they have out grown GoldMine. They’re trying to use it for things that it was not meant for. How long can this last?

I had been keeping a keen eye on the weather for this week, we’re in winter and my tyres are low, the last thing I want is for it to snow and find myself trapped trying to get home. Fortunately the weather has just been grey and wet. At least I can drive in the rain.

Last week we finally decided to go to Nicola’s wedding, wasn’t sure whether Tracy & Michele would be going and kind of knowing that we weren’t the first people invited to the wedding, thinking that maybe mum had some kind of influence on the guest list. Of course I can understand her logic, she’s not going to know anyone at the wedding and so we’ll be there as a bit of a buffer. But it is a long way to go to a wedding that you know you’re not going to enjoy (as we know no-one there either) and then having to fork out money to pay for a stay over in a B&B.

Really lost my motivation at the moment for work, hoping it will kick itself back in again soon. Can’t think of anything major that has run me down – maybe just the early dark starts is just getting to me. Working again this Saturday morning to help the guys out on Support catch up, maybe that is why I’m feeling so out of it, my relaxing weekends are all out of shape. I’ve booked off Monday just so that I can have at least two days doing nothing.

If the weather is good I might even attempt a bit of DIY and replace the Garage outside light, something has happened and now it’s bring rubbish and not turning off when it’s supposed to.

My car has just passed 123,000 miles – I’m hoping that modern day cars can handle the high mileage. I had thought I would give it until 150,000 before I think about replacing it. Going at my current rate of mileage that will be about this time next year before I need to do something, then give it another year for me to get my finances under a bit more control and then it’ll be about 170,000. Sod it I’ll just push the 200,000 mark (though maybe the cost of a new cam belt at the 180,000 mark might change my mind).

I spoke with a recruitment agency on Monday night, after seeing James Ayling at lunchtime (nice surprise seeing him) – he seems to be doing well, looking all smart in his suit and you can tell he has been going to the gym. Though sad news about Claire and hope her cancer treatment works out – anyway James mentioned a couple of people he used when looking for a new job. I forwarded my CV as soon as I got back to the office.

One of them is a guy who works on his own, sounds like a great guy, don’t know how much they say is true, but when I told him how much I’m paid and that I haven’t seen any kind of pay rise in the last 5-6 years he was shocked. Am I able to find a job on higher money, slightly closer to home? More importantly, will I be able to bring something to them and hold my own? I always feel nervous about changing jobs, but I do tend to pick things up quickly, I suppose that is how I’ve managed quite well in such small companies as Serversys and Asta.

I watched a gay themed film last night (Mysterious Skin), or more one of child abuse – it starred Joseph Gordon Lovett as a gay prostitute, never knew he played such a role. The film was OK, but for some reason it felt as though it dragged a bit. Other films like Get Real seem to be a bit more tight in their story, whilst maintaining the speed and scope of the story line. Though I suppose it is a hard theme to do films for. I did read a gay youth book recently (The Soccer Field is Empty) and though it started off all very him this and him that. It struck a chord with me and the ending actually left me feeling pretty numb for a few days. I wished for a better ending. I don’t k know if it is based on a true story or not. Might have to see if I can look it up.

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