Let The Madness Begin

Our holiday is booked, we’re heading back to Suffolk and to Belle Grove Barns. It’s such a lovely place to go. But this time we’re going for the bigger barn. We’ve invited Tracy and Michele and hopefully Jon will speak with his brother. But on top of that Tracy and Michele have invited us down to North Devon come August as well. So think we’ll get to have two holidays this year.

Other news is that I’ve been a little bit naughty and gone and bought a new board game – Mansions of Madness – it only arrived yesterday and I’m eager to try it out, looks to be a little bit complex is set up. But reading BoardGameGeek.com it does sound like a great game. Who knows.

I have also been speaking to someone about a possible change in my life. Can’t say anything yet as nothing is confirmed but as soon as all is completed I will of course announce it. It’s just taking a bit of time to sort out.

Money wise I have sent off some letters to Nationwide, Halifax and MBNA over the PPI ‘mis-sold insurance’ thing. I remember when applying for loans that I would get them rejected if I didn’t take the PPI on them. The problem though is I have none of my paper work and my loans are from about 8 years ago, so I can’t remember if I was sold it or not.

Hopefully they will decide in my favour and give me a bit of money. Every little helps.

Weather wise things are crazy, some mornings there is frost on the cars and it doesn’t get much warmer than 8 (46)  degrees and other days it’s hitting 15 (60) degrees. It’s madness I tell you madness.

Friends wise, all are doing well, we’re seeing more of Illya now that he is fitting us between his training. Doug seems a little better, but he wont be out of the woods yet until the whole divorce is completed and everything separated.  The mother of Liam’s child is moving out – don’t know what to call her, don’t think she is his girlfriend, though she would say other wise. Ian is having his driving test on Friday and Chris is looking for a new job.

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