Everything Hits The Fan – But I Dodged

Time for that big news that I couldn’t comment on last time – I got myself a job. That’s right my notice was handed in earlier this month. CV went to three different companies, one of them took me up for an interview and out of three people they decided upon me. I must have done something right.The company is called Pinnacle (www.pinnacle-online.com) They mainly work on the Sage financial side of things (Sage Line 50, Sage 200 etc) and have a little presence in the CRM world, they’re looking to expand this side of the business and so were looking to recruit some consultants.

The is more money than I get working here (if you take the fuel card into consideration the new job works out to be about £2k more – that is with £5k car allowance) with a £5k bonus scheme.

Plus I will be based at home and seeing clients when I need to. So the mileage on my car will be a lot less – which is great. But the problem with that as well is the ‘loneliness’ of it all. I’ve worked the occasional time from home which has been fine, but doing it on a long term thing is something that will be new to me.

I’m counting down the days I have remaining here – at present I have only 7 working days left (10th April is my last day here in the office, new job starts 16th April).

Now the band news?

Last weekend (Sun 18th March) on Monther’s day, whilst driving through Haddenham, my car decides to blow out a ball of smoke and leak oil. a day later it is in the garage for them to look into. Come the Thursday is transpires that something in my gearbox has decided to hole-punch itself through the casing of my gearbox. All the oil leaked out and the resulting cost was going to be £2k – but my car was only worth £1,000

I managed to hold on to the temp car until the weekend and then Doug, Jon and myself went car shopping. As my car was already at the garage and not going far we looked to trade it in there and then, which fortunately they allowed.

After spending a little bit of time there and a test drive later, I ended up going for a Peugeot 207 (57 plate – to the American’s out there that means it was Aug ’07 – Mar ’08) with under average mileage (normal is 12k per year, so the car should have had about 60,000 miles on it) it only had 43k miles on the clock.

The engine is smaller 1.4 compared to my old 1.6 but it is a manual and boy am I loving being back in a manual. Plus it is a 5 door and should fit 5 people in it now.

So that was bad news turned good.

Other bad news turned good was that on Thursday Tracy and Michele said they were going to attempt to sell the house, Tracy as had her mortgage go up and so thought about selling it. But after a bit of a discussion I have arranged for Chris to come and live with me (converting the living room to a bedroom) which will mean his rent becomes cheaper, and the additional money he gives me will go to Tracy and the left over will in fact pay for the monthly cost on the car.

But one of the rules is that I must get a cleaning person in – fair enough I can live with those rules.

I know I have vowed never to live with someone again, but I think it’ll work with Chris, as a lot of the group things that I do, I also do with Chris (Xbox and boardgames) so I don’t think we will be having awkward evenings too many times.

Still no news about my PPI claims, fingers crossed something comes from it though. Maybe enough to pay off my car or one of my credit cards. Who knows.

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