Smooth Sailing

Life has been crazy over the last 6 weeks – So I’ve started here at Pinnacle and so far, 4 weeks on, I’m not looking back at all in the slightest, especially from the reports I hear from my ‘spies’ left at Serversys – Ben has handed in his notice and at time of writing, only has 9 days left. Others that I’m aware are now seriously looking for something else. Moral is at an all-time low.

Meanwhile with Pinnacle, I’ve found out that I’m currently the most knowledgeable person when it comes to CRM, this in itself makes me very nervous, but so far I’m managing OK. The projects I’m getting involved with are fairly straightforward – most issues seems to be with upgrading Sage200 & SageCRM systems, something I’m not having to do so far.

The only downside to being the most popular person is that I’m pulled left, right and centre. I have so far in 4 weeks, spent 4 days in Belfast, 2 days in Arundel and 3 days in leads, getting to know the country a bit. The trips to Belfast have required 3am wake ups !!

Other great news is that Nationwide have paid me for my PPI – in fact more than I thought they would. A cheque came through not for £4,700 but £5,600. Keeping £600 aside for some new glasses, I have wiped £5,000 of my credit card and brought the balance down to £2k. Halifax are playing hard to get and RBS (Natwest) are taking their time.

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