Rain, Rain And More Rain

Wow who would have thought that 2012 would have brought so much good news – despite the weather.

It is now the wettest year on record here in the UK, with lots of rain during April, May, June and July – in some cases the North and South West of England have at one point or other had a months worth of rain in 24 hours (in same cases that’s about 16cm) which of course lead to flash floods and properties being affected. So not great news on that front.

Other news though – 3 months in and I’m still enjoying myself here at Pinnacle, I’ve had to deal with a few awkward situations with customers but the team has been fantastic and even at 11pm they will connect in with me to fix a customer’s site. The working from home hasn’t affected me too badly. Still making the adjustments but I think it’s working out – I’m letting go very slowly of the constraints that I’m used to working under (“must be at my desk all day…”). I’m getting up about 7:30am and my laptop is turned on for 8am. So in actual fact I’m working longer days as I don’t switch off until Jon get homes at about 6pm.

Other great news in of course on the money front, Natwest finally came back to me in regards to PPI and they paid me £5,000 – think we could have pushed for more but happy with got I’ve got from them. So that is a total of £10,600 back on PPI. This has left me with a total credit card debit of £2,300. Compare that to about three months ago and that would have been £13,000. Not only that but each month I have been able to throw £1,000 at my credit cards. This has mainly be due to the increase in salary I’ve got.

So what is left? Well hopefully in the next month (End of August) my credit card debt will hit £0. Which turns me to look to pay off mum (£4k), Jon (£2.5k) and as I can’t over pay on my loan, I’ll have to save up and pay it back early (£11k). But if all goes to plan, I hope to have paid mum and Jon back by the end of the year – or close to it. The last bit is to get me out of my credit zone (£1k limit) so that my account doesn’t constantly go into the red every month.

Any other great news? Ty over in the states has finally come out – no real big surprise you could say. But from what I have picked up from Sue and following him on Facebook for the last few years, he seems a really nice guy but has been a little anxious recently. Sue thinks that has mainly been down to how his thinks his family would react to him coming out. A comment that I thought was endearing was him worried that Darus would no longer give him hugs.

I know Darus is of a different generation but I’ve received nothing less than love from the guy and so it’s no surprise that he has accepted Ty for who he is, of course there will be a little adjustment to make but I think Darus is more than capable to take that in his stride. I hope Ty can find the right guy to make him feel special – I have no idea what it is like over there for him. I follow the Advocate and read stories of hate, but mostly Ohio has escaped most of the stories I’ve read.

In actual fact Ty’s step-father has been the one to be a bit awkward about it all. If I were over there I would certainly give him a piece of my mind if he starts making Ty’s life painful. But then I think Sue and Darus would do that anyway 😉 (Give him a piece of her mind that is).

More news? Andy Harris has been in touch, Laura finally convince him to go Facebook – we’ve sent the odd message to each other. Reminds me a little of the days when we used to send letters to each other.

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