Thought The Finish Line Would Never Come

2012 Was one hell of journey, both for me, then family but the country as a wholeWhere to start with it all?


We thought 2011 started mild – 2012 started with droughts all over the country. But come the end of April and the beginning of May and suddenly 2012 ended as the second wettest year on record (after 2000) it is rained through most of the year and some places were actually flooded twice. A very sad event for those affected.


April was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 60 years a head of state. A pretty amazing woman I must admit, probably holding onto the reigns with a death grip just so Charles doesn’t get in. Hoping William will be next. Though personally I wouldn’t mind running off with Harry myself.

Then there were the Olympics – the UK was the centre of attention again for the rest of the world as they watched on, the Brits hoping that we wouldn’t show ourselves up. The result? A resounding success, the opening ceremony was querky, but that’s he Brits for you. The games themselves had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats and I have watched more games and I have ever in the past. We ended up 3rd in the leader table after China and the USA.


Then finally a little closer to home…. Sue and Darus came over in October. It was a mixture of pleasure and sadness, joy because it’s been too long since I have last seen them and Jon got to see them for the first time. Sadness because it also meant they were bring Uncle Frank back the UK to be scattered with Aunt Joan and Grandpops.

The sadness of 2012 didn’t end there, mum had a shock herself as she suffered from a minor stroke, a warning sign. No lasting effects but tests have been run and all seems to be OK at the moment. Even dad had us all worried over his health issues. But everything was fine come Xmas.

Unfortunately though there was one of us who didn’t make it to Xmas, that was my Uncle Brian, dad’s youngest brother and one of the twins. It has surprised everyone to hear about his sudden death towards the end of the year.

On the plus sign, Oscar though having his football team shut down through lack of money has been picked by QPR young players, seems there is something very promising with him. Which is brilliant news and he really seems to enjoy it.


When it comes to me and money nothing is ever simple and everything has been crazy. First of all I attempted to claim back PPI payments – ended up getting back just over £10,000 which cleared pretty much all my credit cards, but then my car killed itself leaving me to having to find a second hand one. Mum very kindly stepped up to the mark on that one (to save me on the interest). But the best news of all – I left Serversys. Working for Stuart ended up being a nightmare and I didn’t feel valued there at all. So I have jumped to one of their competitors and I haven’t looked back, so far so good. It’s been 8 months now. We’ll see if I’m still saying the same things at the end of 2013.

OK, now to look at the questions I ask every year.

What is my best buy?

This has to be my car, though second hand, it is a dream compared to the old 1007. No gear box issues – no stress.

What was my favourite Xbox game I bought this year?

I have been very quiet on the XBox this year, but the game that has seen me through is Magic 2013, yep another release in this string of game. Wish they would allow you to import the decks from the other versions.

What has been my favourite film?

The Avengers – without a doubt. There is something about it that works really well. Skyfall is very close.

What has been my favourite song?

Someone I used to know by Goyte. Glee made me like it all the more.

Best Visit?

We went back to Belle Grove Barns last year, though fantastic and really enjoyed it. The birthday trip to Paris with Tracy, Michele and of course Jon was brilliant. It was a very long day, but it was very enjoyable. Going to Hampton Court with Sue and Darus is very high up there as well.

Thing I’ll want to remember most?

Changing Jobs

Thing I’ll want to remember least?

There are several things this year that I would rather forget about. For me I think it’s going to my old car.

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