The Year Flies By

Where does the time go? One minute it’s Xmas and next and we’re in the middle of 2013…

To date the year has had it’s ups and downs. I’m still trying to make the most of it. There is some news that I can’t fully report on. Other than let’s say the following.

A friend of mine called ‘X’ was pronounced as having prostate cancer in the run up to Xmas last year. He went under the knife and the surgeons felt they got it all. But they put in place regular testing. But in their recent testing back in March there were trace amounts in the blood test to suggest that something had remained – they have under gone hormone treatment and are due for radiotherapy. It feels so hard to be helpless, there is nothing I can do.

Other incredibly sad news is that Sam died during April. On the 19th I went into London for my work do, which was amazing, afternoon tea on the London Eye (which was OK) but then black tie affair at the Tower of London – we had the place to ourselves with our own guide. There was something very magical about it and the food was very good.

But the evening had a sad tone to it, Sam had gone into the vets to be put under and have his ears washed out. He was very prone to yeast growing in his ears and the best way to sort it out was to put him under. But on this occasion there was complications – he was very sick and some of it got into his lungs. All that night Sam had problems breathing, it must have been incredibly stressful for him. The emergency vet tried lots of things to try and help him, but come early Saturday morning he gave up the fight and passed away.

At 6 in the morning, Jon phoned me at the hotel, he was a mess as he had only just found out about Sam. I wanted to leave then and there to be with him. It was so hard being so far from him at a time like that. Jon was supposed to come into London to share some birthday surprises with me. But he told me to stay in London whilst he sorted a few things out, he would then come to join me, hoping that the distraction would help.

I walked to Marylebone (from St Paul’s) – Though I had killed my feet by the time I got there. We met for lunch and I bought some new shoes (to help with my sore feet). The rest of the day was made up of three different surprises

1) The woman in black – we made our way to Covent Garden, to see The Women in Black at the theatre, it’s the second longest running show. Going for about 20 years. It was brilliant, I loved it. Only two actors to do the whole show – even now, 20 years on it’s a clever play.

2) The Princess of Shoreditch – Dinner was in a pub by Old Street, not an area I would normally visit, but this really was like a diamond in the rough, the food and the staff were brilliant.

3) Vertigo 42 – The last part was a visit to a wine bar on the 42nd floor. It was a brilliant place to kick back and relax and to look over London.

The final piece of news for now is that Tracy has told us that she is looking to sell Prestwold, so Chris and I are looking at new places to live. Watch this space