The End To A Good(ish) Year?

2013 only has one post in it before this? Wow how things have changed in this day and age. Everyone gets their updates on everyone’s lives from just reading their Facebook posts.

Should I keep this up? I’ll try. I might even get in more than two post next year, who knows. Anyway what’s been happening.


HS2 (High Speed 2) seems to be an unstoppable force even though the planned route is completely wrong. I have nothing against HS2, but if it isn’t going to benefit anyone in Buckinghamshire, why have it so close to lots of different towns?

This was the year that Prince George was born, though highly news worthy, the whole 24/7 rolling news as every drained the life out of it and made it all very boring.


The family are all doing very well, I got back in contact with uncle Malcolm and started to do the family visits for Jenny and Debbie’s birthdays. It was nice to see everyone, funny how nothing has really changed which is great to see. Maggie still puts on these buffets of food that could feed twice the number of people who turn up. We’re all just getting older.

The big surprise was Lewis (Maggie’s nephew), ever since I knew him, he was a sickly, pale little boy. But now he is a personal trainer and is very buff and it really suits him. Following him on Facebook though as you see that his life is basically nothing but fitness. It’s like his has gone from one extreme to another.

The sad news this year is that Tracy and Michele has broken up, this time I think it is permanent. It’s very hard on Tracy at the moment as she is moving about all over the place to keep a roof over her head as I believe things are just difficult back at the house.

Though Jon and I want to keep in touch with Michele, I think it will just fade away. I don’t know, maybe once the initial period has settled (only happened in December) and the hurt has gone out of it, she might get in contact with us. The last I heard is that she is going to try and keep the help in Western Terville by asking her brother to help buy Tracy out.

The big sad news this year was that Sam (Jon’s dog) died. He wasn’t even 4 years old. He has gone to the vets to have his ears flashed out. But he vomited whilst under and breath some of it back in to his lungs. This lead to complications and he de died during the night. It must have been so stressful for him to go out like that. It shock Jon badly.


Though I have got my maths wrong (will explain in a bit). Everything is looking very good here. I have finally paid mum back everything I owe her which only leaves Jon and my M&S loan. Jon should be paid back this year and I had thought I would finish my loan this year. Instead it’s next year. But by freeing up the money from Mum and hopefully Jon, I might be able to pay it off this year.

Anyway, my total debt stands just under £9k. The lowest is has been for easily 10 years. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s starting to blind me. No longer is it a tiny pin prick.

General News

Chris and I also moved house this year, we went from Prestwold Way to Pakenham Close, only two streets over in Fairford Leys. It’s a bigger place with three bedrooms and two reception rooms. So Chris actually has somewhere to call his own. The down sides are being in a cul-de-sac it the parking is awful and we’ve had a run in with one of our neighbours about it. but also cable fire internet hasn’t reach this street. So we’ve gone from 60MB to 2MB and boy do we feel it.

Come June (end of our contract) none of us want to stay here and also Jon and I don’t want to move with Chris. Seeing him in this house has been a completely different side to him. Everything I can say will sound petty but when you add it all up they all become really annoying… a) leaves lights on all the time (he obviously doesn’t care about the electric bill) b) has never cleaned any of the communal places (e.g. stairs, conservatory). But the hardest bit is the ‘need’ to keep Dylan and Poppy separate, it really makes like difficult.

Xmas this year was just Jon, Phil and myself at home. Tracy spent it with dad and then went down to mum a few days later. I just wasn’t in the mood to do lots of travelling and with some revelations coming out about Jackie and our inheritance I just wasn’t in the mood to spend Xmas there.

Anyway on to my usual questions I ask every year

What is my best buy?

The stand out item this year is my XBox One

What was my favourite Xbox game I bought this year?

Seeing as I have the new XBox One now, there is very little to get for it at this time, but Assassins Creed 4 has certainly kept my interest the most

What has been my favourite film?

Without a doubt it was Pacific Rim it was big, beautiful and just kept you involved from start to finish.

What has been my favourite song?

With Chris Moyles no longer on Radio One, I don’t really listen to new music all the time. So I think I will drop this question

Best Visit?

This would have been Pinnacle’s 20th Birthday do at the Tower of London just us being there was amazing.

Thing I’ll want to remember most?

Moving house, it was nice to get to a bigger place and not to be beholden to family, a proper contract (even if this is a negative as we would love to have broken out of it)

Thing I’ll want to remember least?

Sam dying.

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