Buckinghamshire Council Should….

…Oh my god I’m angry with them. A couple of weeks ago, my car was damaged through one of the many pot holes that has appeared in our roads due to the usually long period of snow / frost.

The damage to my car came to about £750, One complete wheel (tyre and the rim) was damaged plus several bits within the car as well.

This is a lot of money to have to throw at my car in order to get it fixed, why not claim on my insurance? Well I have Excess of £500 and if I claim it will of course reflect on any future policies I have to pay over the next 5 years. I’d rather take the hit right now.

Why do I constantly find myself hitting my head against the wall when trying to not spend money and get myself out of my financial difficulties. How I would laugh if the person who denied my claim had their car damaged by a pothole only to have their own rules…

Other than that, tonight I managed to burn off some steam but shooting down planes with NosieCrime in Ace Combat 6. NosieCrime was very much the better player when it came to him vs. me. But this just goes to show that we work well as a team. Whilst everyone else were playing Call of Duty: World at War

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    Meant to say that the council refused to refund me the money for the damage to my car. (Can’t be bothered to re-edit this post)

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