Does It Matter Any More…?

So it would seem that I have slipped from Rob’s life unnoticed. I think we’re coming into either our 3rd or 4th month of no contact. It is not a passing that has gone in my life ‘unfelt’ – I find myself checking his Blog to see if my passing has affected him in anyway way. It’s almost as if I now read the life of a stranger.

To be honest as well, I don’t think anyone even bothers to read in here anyway. I’m left to my own thoughts – not always a good thing. As I feel like that in life sometimes, having no local friends with whom I can get close and share my most inner thoughts. I have been keeping my own council for far too long now.

In terms of what has been going on in my life – Tracy is moving out in about a fortnights time and Pippa’s sister Jacky is moving in, it’ll be good to have an Ashton back in the house. Jacky and I get on incredibly well

Work wise I have been so busy for the last two weeks that I’ve forgotten what the office looks like – I think this is even my last day in the office before Xmas.

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  1. Jon’s avatar

    Oi ! I bother to read in here, and I care a hell of a lot about how you're feeling. I didn't know you were feeling depressed about Rob until I read it here. Talk to me lovely boyfriend, share your thoughts, you don't need to hold your own counsel. I love you, and i'd help in any way I can, if you let me know about it.
    Jon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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