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2013 only has one post in it before this? Wow how things have changed in this day and age. Everyone gets their updates on everyone’s lives from just reading their Facebook posts.

Should I keep this up? I’ll try. I might even get in more than two post next year, who knows. Anyway what’s been happening.

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Time for that big news that I couldn’t comment on last time – I got myself a job. That’s right my notice was handed in earlier this month. CV went to three different companies, one of them took me up for an interview and out of three people they decided upon me. I must have done something right. Read the rest of this entry »

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After suffering from my RRoD the following Saturday morning I dashed over to Sainbury’s in High Wycombe to pick up a new one, after hearing on the grapevine that they were doing the Elite edition with a £40 discount on it. Certainly something I couldn’t say no to. Read the rest of this entry »

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I have still yet to hear back from Peugeot at this time, though to be honest I’m in no rush to chase them up just yet Read the rest of this entry »

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So far you can’t keep me away from here. Well things are quiet in the office so I thought I would add some more thoughts in here. Read the rest of this entry »

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…Oh my god I’m angry with them. A couple of weeks ago, my car was damaged through one of the many pot holes that has appeared in our roads due to the usually long period of snow / frost. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rock BandRock band has finally come out in the UK. Though it’s been out over in the States for up to 6 months I believe. This is by the same makers as Guitar Hero I & II (though Guitar Hero III is made by someone else) the idea of the previous two games is that on your plastic guitar you watch the screen and as the notes move down the screen and cross the line, you press the corresponding button and strum the guitar. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well March is almost over and we’ve just had Easter – it’s the earliest it’s been since 1920 something or other. Read the rest of this entry »

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We saw Tracy again this weekend, it was nice her popping in for a lazy weekend. We ended up watching three DVDs; Shoot Em Up – which is a completely randomn film, it’s like “…lets see how many different weird shooting scenes can we put into one film?…” for example, a woman is giving birth during one, having sex during another, also how about sky diving. It’s very random but cool.

We also saw Cellular – this is a film I’ve had for ages, it about a woman who gets kidnapped, held in an attic somewhere with a broken phone. By tapping on the wires she manages to reach someone (a young and sexy Chris Evans) who keeping her on the phone for the majority of the film needs to help rescue her and her family. It’s a pretty good film, though more blockbuster than fantastic film. But I still find it highly enjoyable.

Finally we ended up watching Mean Girls. When I first saw the trailers to this laster year. I wasn’t only excited about it, there just wasn’t anything to grab my attention in it. But after watching it, it seems like a pretty good film. Just like Cellular it was just lacking something, not sure what though.

Unfortunately for most of the weekend I was wiped out with a cold, I didn’t go to taekwondo on Sunday (leaving Jon to go on his own) so I stayed in bed, but then for the rest of Sunday I ended up with back ache for some reason, maybe it was because I was sleeping funny. Not too sure.

But the most annoying thing of all this weekend was the fact that my Xbox finally gave me the The Ring Of Death… What this is, is when you turn on the Xbox 360. Rather than the 4 lights around the circular power button flashing green. The of them flash red – informing you that you have a hardware failure. Unfortunately (or should I said fortunate for me) when the Xbox came out they were pleagued by tonnes of these, they had a 33% failure rate at one point. Because of this Microsoft inceased the 90 day warrenty from 90 days to 1 year. But then lat year they increased that again to 3 years. My Xbox turns 2 years old come April. So I’m very glad for the extended warrenty on it. Just a hassle to sort out. The bad news is though that it is going to take 2-3 weeks to fix.

But Stuart (long story as to way) has a spare one, so I’m going to collect that tomorrow evening in time for our Xbox gaming session.

What am I to do without my Xbox?!?!? Thank god Stuart has a spare one.

The reason why this post is marked as …Batter down the hatches… is because England was hit by terribles storms, the like we haven’t seen like 1987 with that fateful storm. We thought it was going to be that bad and if it wasn’t, it wasn’t far off. It hit the country down in the South West, causing serous damage across the whole of Cornwall and Devon. Unfortunately mum has gone away for a weeks holiday and is due back later this week, so I have no idea how much if any.

Up here in Oxfordshire, a good 200+ miles form the edge of Devon. The storms were a little calmer but I doubt much, I have lost two fence panels – which makes me laugh as for the last couple of years I have always lost a fence panel, but each time it has been an old panel. This isd no different. Once I get these replaced I think I would have replaced my entire fencing on one side of me. Also with the force of the wind, this cause water to get into my roof, normally I have no problems with rain, but it did concern me slightly that there was water dripping into my bedroom (one every five seconds or so), but as far as I know I have no lost any tiles though.

Finally it looks as though Tracy is moving on the 12th April in to her new place. This is getting really exciting.

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